About us

Born in Rome in 1979, we have been working successfully in Italy and around the world for almost 40 years, thanks to a team of professionals who work with passion and expertise at every level.

A different Firm

The law firm de Berardinis & Mozzi works alongside Italian and international clients in the management of the private and public employment. We are specialized in Labour Law, contributory and social security field, and in the drafting of business contracts.

Our professional activity follows a clear principle, very simple, and yet such a significant change in a profession like ours: team up with the client.

Choosing our Firm, you will experience a new way of working, based on the involvement and the participation of the client. This is how we can always pay the most complete attention to your specific needs.

Shared and customized solutions, designed for you not by a single professional, but by a whole team.

Our website follows the same philosophy: it’s not just a simple showcase, but a real meeting point to exchange ideas, a reliable and handy reference, even for those who are not our customers, yet.

Our Laywers

The professional quality of a Firm grows along with that one of its people.

For this reason, we don’t just select the professionals: we follow them in their continuous growth, to create a more and more effective and capable group.

From the Secretarial to the Administration office, from the Collaborators to our Lawyers, here is your tailor made team.

Our social commitment

Fondazione di Ricerca Biomedica Avanzata

Amici di Santa Cecilia

Campionati assoluti under 14 FIT

Administration and secretarial offices

A team can achieve its own results when all of its elements are able to give their best, supporting each other with professionalism. Not only our team of lawyers, but also the administration and secretarial offices, whose constant commitment is the basis to build an effective and prompt action.

Administration office

Alessandra e Alessia

Alessandra and Alessia’s work is very important for the financial and economic activities of the Firm. From the relationship with clients and suppliers to the accounting and tax control. Their accurate commitment allows the Firm to perform its professional activity at its best.

Secretarial office

Paula, Emanuela, Annalisa, Imma

Accuracy, meticulousness, rapidity, collaboration and enthusiasm characterize the secretariat office, that thanks to the valuable work of Paula (IT, group co-ordination and logistics), Emanuela (research and study material management, library  and training events), Annalisa (organization, executive management) and Imma (PCT, management), supports and enhances the quality of all the professionals of our Firm.